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Are you a modern person? Are you energetic? Do you wish to fullfill your carrier dreams, enjoy life and a luxurious living in the up-to-date centre, that´s been predicted to be dynamically developing over the next decades?


Then Bratislava is the right place for you. Not on the periphery, but right in its heart. In the new-built modern city center. On a river, of which water currents bring new energy every day. And not only to the river, but especially to YOU. Now, just take a look at its powerful flow from the large window or terrace of your apartment, and you can feel the tension of your muscles under your shirt as new thoughts flood the mind as in the harmony of the soul and body.


And there´s the wind over the river, which flows from the Danube Gate. It gently cleans the air every morning. Walk on the green Apollo Residence terrace, sit down, and breathe deeply. You can start each day with the fresh oxygen in the blood to conquer the word.


If you've ever experienced the bustling atmosphere of Time Square in New York City in Manhattan, the busyness of the Picadilly Circus in London, or the hospitality of the supermodern hotels in Beijing, and you'd like to have it all in Bratislava, you'll find it in a single neighborhood - in a new modern city center in Apollo Residence. And you will be right next to the Slovak National Theater, where every night there are television and movie stars, where the best solos of the world opera sing for the lovers of musical art, as well as under the sounds of violins, bass horns, harps are dancing primabalerinas with their unforgettable solos. Can you hear it only during the day? In the winter, in the autumn or spring? Yes, they're just rehearsing for their evening performance ...


Do you like brands? Fashion brands? And you do not want to go too far to reach them? You are close by from here. There´s the largest shopping mall in Bratislava with the most prestigious brands right in the side street.


Watching the glass façades and futuristic shapes of the new Bratislava downtown, will you also appreciate the walks in the park and the greenery? And do you like to work-out and run? The Danube promenade is literally made for this. And it's just a few steps away from your apartment. In addition, the 42-hectare Sad Janka Kráľa, the oldest public park in Central Europe, will give you the scent of greenery every day from the opposite side of the river.


Are you a bit of a romantic soul? Are you fascinated by the view of cruise ships, the excursionists who relax under the umbrellas on the open terraces? On the Danube that flows beneath the windows in your sunlit airy apartment, there is indeed no need for it. Neither no need for the cafes on the embarked boats at the seafront. Romance does not end here at the tips of your feet. If you take a closer look at the sky in the spring, and in the autumn, you will be amazed by the view of the flying migratory birds.


Will you often travel and need to get to the airport fast through the highway to Vienna, Prague, Budapest or Kosice? Just run off the Apollo Bridge, which is right in front of your door. Just start the car and head for the trip.


Want to be forever young? A modern neighborhood in the center of Bratislava, near Apollo Residence, will offer this feeling straight to you. Students from nearby Comenius University will not let you get older with their energy and enthusiasm for everything new. And even if they go home during the holidays, they will replace their energetic foreign tourists, who enjoy the idyllic places and the happy faces of the locals.

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